Belfast Sightseeing Tour

Visit the main sites this beautiful city has to offer.


The Belfast City Sightseeing Tour can be tailored to suit your own individual needs and interests. Choose the places you'd like to see, understand and immerse yourself in. Depending on your interests, we could take you to bars, churches, museums, galleries, historic buildings, eateries or scenic areas.

Titanic Quarter – Would you like to see where the Titanic was built? Belfast's Titanic area is a thriving, exciting yet historic destination. It includes the Titanic Museum, The Pump House, Maritime Mile and the Titanic Studios where the famous Game of Thrones was filmed.

Belfast City Hall – Did you know this was designed by architect Sir Alfred Brumwell and has a twin in South Africa? It is the civic building for Belfast City Council. In a beautiful Baroque Revival style, the building sits on one and a half acres. Belfast's Titanic Memorial is located on the grounds.

Stormont, Parliament Buildings – Our Parliament buildings are located in the Stormont estate in the east of the city. Opened in November 1932 it usually houses the Northern Ireland Assembly. A statue dedicated to Lord Carson can be seen on the drive up, it is rather unusual as it was erected prior to his death!

St Anne’s Cathedral - This beautiful building is located in the Cathedral Area of Belfast which is now a very trendy area. It offers you numerous restaurants and bars to visit. The cathedral was completed in 1904 with the 40 metre Spire of Hope erected in April 2007.

Queens University Belfast - Visit one of the UK's 10 oldest universities, its iconic main building was designed by Sir Charles Lanyon. Many famous people studied at the university including Seamus Heaney, Liam Neeson and Patrick Keilty.

Crown Bar – Step into the past in this fascinating pub in Great Victoria Street. Renovated and renamed in 1885, it had a reputation as one of the finest Victorian Gin palaces of its time. The restoration was completed in 2007. Inside it has beautiful tiling, woodwork and stained glass. Why not finish the tour here and enjoy a drink and a bit of craic?

Belfast Castle – The castle is set against the dramatic backdrop of CaveHill. It is situated in the north of the city sitting 400 feet above sea level and offers you beautiful views of the city. The castle has a cat garden. With no real cats rather a very charming treasure hunt to spot the nine hidden treasures, which if spotted will bring you good fortune!

These are just a small selection of the many interesting sites in Belfast.  Please contact me directly to design a tour which appeals to your needs and interests.